Thursday, February 16, 2012

#13: Stink Bug Rescue

Alt-text: An empty bed is pictured. There is a small bug walking around on the headboard. "She decided to consult the biological clock. Surely it would have useful advice about empathy and compassion; it seemed to know everything about love!" The biological clock, a heart-shaped device with a green button and red button on one side and a speaker on the other, is pictured in an empty hole with a sign pinned to it that says, "Out to Lunch.""Uh oh. It was out of the office." The stink bug is shown in a close-up view, marching toward the next frame. "All of the sudden, the stink bug took flight!" In a startling manner, the stink bug flies around over her, emitting startling electric bolts of perceived shock. She looks like she has multiple arms and is squinting her eyes shut. "She flailed her arms wildly until the stink bug landed on the floor."
The stink bug is shown really close-up, its beady red eyes looking straight at the viewer. "Though intimidating and lacking charm, the stink bug was still a person. She still didn't want to banish it to the cold outdoors, and squishing the bug was not an option." There is heart wallpaper to indicate that she is feeling empathetic. She bends over to a small bug on the floor illuminated by a spotlight. "She gently picked it up with a rag." Suddenly, she gets X-eyes, flared nostrils, and she sticks her tongue out to indicate a horrible smell. "OH...oh my! It reeked!" She runs in a loop, her legs blurring, "clutching the rag at a distance, but firmly." "Finally, she made it to the trash can." She has stepped through a door frame and throws the blue rag containing the stink bug into the lidded trash can. "The stink bug would be warm in there with lots of food. It could find a new home on the next trash day."

Author's note:
While this one will go down as a more boring and trite episode that took way too long to do considering I'd done all the drawings at the same time I did the ones from the previous episode, it will go down for me as the first time I ever used layer fx in Photoshop. Sorry, all, but I hated functions when I learned 'em in highschool. They are infinitely useful, but for Spay, they can fall on spike and die. I am probably going to ignore that crap from now on. Any time I wave that magic wand of fx, it looks like cheap comic book turd frames. Not happy with this one at all. I know, you are probably like, "Wow, it's not even that much drawing, and it kind of sucks, and she feels this strongly about it." Yes, I do. This is a comic because it is in opposition to manly-manly-man super heroes and unoriginality in storylines hidden behind stuff like fx. Next time, we go back to the original conception of the story -- to the "get laid or get spayed" plotline. Hopefully the story will get more juicy and interesting then, as our brave and lovable protagonist battles aplastic anemia and, just as much as the disease, gender-related pseudo-science and societal expectations.

EDIT: I didn't realize it, but the pictures have been getting a lot smaller and skinnier lately. I will find a site where I can upload them in full quality or I will split them up from now on! That is why this one looks a bit weird.