Thursday, February 9, 2012

#12: Circus of Smells

Alt-text: "It was a circus of smells out there," written beneath a circus banner. "Some of them were pretty noxious. Pee-yew!" She holds her mouth with bulging red, irritated eyes as big cloud of yellow smoke enters through an open window, emitted from a ferret holding a cigarette and exhaling. A frying pan sits on a stove with bits of brown pieces in it. "She was not a good cook... (she did not make fires, but sometimes she burned stuff)." In the next frame, she bends over and smells herself, thinking about some chips. "Some 'bad smells' she considered to be good smells. One of her favorite smells was herself! Ah, the comforting smell of corn chips (this was what she smelled most like.) She gave herself a hug." She is shown hugging herself, with blushing cheeks. "(Factoid: most ferrets smell like corn chips.)"

"But there was a new smell worse than any previous smell...that of the marmorated stink bug." She looks cautiously from her place seated at a computer where she is using Photoshop. The object of her attention is magnified to show three beetles in the crack of a window at dusk. "They sneaked into her room when it got too cold. When it was warm, they would live in her window. She didn't want them there, but she felt empathy toward them." It is noted that "they did make her nervous..."

A stink bug crawls around the last frame, anticipating the next episode! To be continued...

Author's note:

Marmorated stink bugs are terribly stinky. As much as I hate them, I'd hate even more to squish them because they will stink you out of a house and home. I first met them in late summer of 2010 when they would stalk me on my way home and wait on the porch for me to open my door and step into my apartment. Their sneakiness is admirable!

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