Friday, January 27, 2012

#11: Video Game

Alt-text: She is running with a sword toward a tall tower in the night time. "She liked video games sometimes (especially games with castles and ghosts and inventories)." She is playing a hand-held video game, laying on a pillow under the covers of her bed. "She played a game before she went to sleep. It calmed her down." The screen is displayed, and shows a ghost next to her character who is holding a sword. There are three options: beat ghost with sword; use magic; and flee. "She usually beat ghosts with a sword." In the next frame, she looks very pleasantly surprised. "One day, something new happened! That day, she had walked past someone with a game, and they had become friends! Hooray! Finally!" The game system says, "You made a friend!" Two stick-person ferrets pose together with swords. Then, a squiggly line dividing the frame indicates a sudden break in the narrative. The next frame shows the other stick-person ferret, but now he has a text bubble next to him that says, "Lenk says: big ole titties." Her eyes bug out and her nostrils flare like she smelled something bad. Later, after she has put the game away, she lays down to go to sleep on her pillow. "Who had she passed that day? She avoided certain systems because of ferrets like this. She thought it would be different."

Author's Note:

True story.

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