Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#04: A Discreet Encounter

Alt-text: A computer monitor displays a Craigslist ad for M4W - 25. The title is "Date night!" "Seeking 18-25 year old for a discreet encounter. About me: I am a small woodland creature about five inches high with a love for cuddling and petting. I would like to keep it discreet. I love women of all types! Please, if you would like to meet up, meet me in the alleyway at 10 pm tonight." A thought bubble says, "She found an ad on Craigslist. They wanted a "discreet encounter." They sounded nice enough." There is a transition frame that says, "Several hours later..." She peeks around the corner of the wall. "I will have to wait until the coast is clear," she thought. She waited for clearance. In the next frame, she peeks around the corner grabbing her tail. She double-checks with her big nose around the edge of the wall. Then, "Run!" She runs very fast so that her legs have multiplied and she is making a huge blur behind her. "Fewf! She made it. Though uncertain what she would find on Craigslist, it had been worth the trouble to get a hug from her favorite stuffie." She is sitting in a spotlight with a small mole stuffed animal. She is clutching him tightly and giving him a hug. "She savored the warmth of his fluff and his cute pink nose. She said bye bye and went back home by herself."

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