Monday, September 19, 2011

#06: Trash Day

Alt-text: She is exiting her house doorway with a big garbage bag that is leaking a red fluid from a hole somewhere in it. There is heavy rain and through the doorway, her sidewalk, trashcan, and mailbox are visible. "It was that time of month, and that day of the week. It was time to take out the trash. It always rained on Trash Day. She wore her red rain boots." A cloud rains down on her as she lifts the lid of a trash can and a noxious yellow odor seeps out. She throws the bag into the can, and walks away to her mailbox. She has very short arms, so she reaches in all the way to her armpit -- she is really stretching and her tongue is sticking out to indicate her concentrated effort. "She decided to check the mail while she was outside. She never got anything, but today was different. A package had arrived." The next cell shows her sitting at a tiny table with a labeled and stamped brown box on top of it. She is twiddling her thumbs anxiously. "How curious! Who had sent her a package? She worried. What if it was an explosive device? Or worse -- a malevolent type of airborne bacteria? She decided it was best to wait until tomorrow to open it."

Author's note
 I have been working on the comic after this one and forgot I had to do today's to segue into tomorrow's! Ahhh! This one is late, so I will try to finish the next one by tomorrow night. As a side note, she got the package before our postal service shut down, if that gives any sense of historical setting. :P

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