Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#07: The Cup

Alt-text: She is waiting just as she was at the end of the last episode, sitting in front of her package. She waits a long time. Suddenly, she lifts her forefinger and opens her mouth wide. "Aha! Suddenly she remembered what could be in the package." She rips open the brown cardboard box with her teeth and dumps the contents onto the table she is sitting in front of. A menstrual cup falls out and she tosses the cardboard box over her shoulder with a wide grin and her fist clenched in anticipation. She smooshes the cup in the middle with her index fingers to test its rigidity. "With great excitement, she sat the cup in the light to inspect and admire the great care that went into producing it. She was delighted. This was a present to herself. She would never have to worry about her period again. The scene cuts to her with a big bottle-brush tail, excited and tossing the cup over her shoulder, chasing it, sitting with it dangling from one canine tooth, and tossing it into the air happily while she weasel-dances. "What fun it was! The silicone form bounced and bobbed, and she leapt for it with great joy. It was even chewy. She was cured!" She then "needed to take a break and calm down;" she is shown smooshed flat on the wooden floor of her home in pancake-weasel position (this is what ferrets do when they get too excited and have to rest). She meditates on the cup  right in front of her nose while she is resting.

Author's Note 
It is almost 3am and I am really tired. Not completely happy with this one but pretty happy. I will post some reference material for anyone interested in menstrual cups who has been hesitant to try them. Sadly, they do not cure PMS or cramps or periods...however, if you are a ferret, they could be really fun. I don't know because I am not a ferret.

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