Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#05: PMS #1

Alt-text: "For five days, she had constant dizziness, fear, nightmares, and troubles." The ferret is pictured laying down on a fabric over a mattress with her sketchbook laying out beside her. She is looking dreadful with her arms outstretched, exhausted. "If anyone in the world had ever loved her, she had forgotten or blocked it out. They had all lied to make her feel better. It was a terrible trick, she thought." "She could not even draw. She drew a cloud, and that was all." There is a cloud drawn in her sketchbook with a pen laying on the open page. "Everyone looked so happy and partnered on their social media pages. Everyone was getting a job or getting married. She was worthless." After five days, her period starts, which is depicted in a new cell. "Ughf. She didn't feel good at all." She looks nearly the same, but with a tampon string hanging out of her rear and she is wincing. "It was something called PMS. She would go crazy. It was because of hormones from that mysterious organ. It did not make her feelings any less real." Here there is an asterisk: "A tampon would not relieve the suffering. Nor would a menstrual cup (although they are cool, she thought)." "She suffered from her jealousy. She was too disgusting to be around others. She didn't want to use that organ to explain her feelings. She didn't want people to know how deeply she felt about every detail of her history of socialization..."

Author note:
Sorry for the delay in pix. I was sewing some things, I am trying to find a job, I have had chronic dizziness for five days straight, fart.

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