Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to SPAY.

SPAY is a webcomic about a ferret who must navigate her way through societal expectations while coping with aplastic anemia, which requires that she either "get laid or get spayed." In a world of few options, her gender identity, sex, hidden disability, and general quirkiness provide her with plenty of challenges.

First conceived in 2006, She is happy to finally have a place on the Internet to call home.

The events in SPAY are inspired by lived and observed experiences of a female human, but the protagonist is also a homage to the creator's ferret, b. October, 2005. It took six months for his roommate and the creator of SPAY to realize that he was deaf, thanks largely to this Youtube video by Ferretocious. His disability led SPAY's creator to have a more intimate understanding (whereas before this, her understanding was seriously poor!) of the difficulties humans and other animals experience in places where special needs are not accommodated; however, unlike the ferret who inspired the comic, the protagonist in SPAY is on the Autism spectrum and has extra-acute hearing.


A new comic is due to appear once to two times a week, at the moment (updated January 17, 2012). This is subject to change!

Occasionally, information will be posted for those with ferrets in their care; links to important resources about ferrets, ferret interest groups, and ferret shelters will be available at some point in the future.

Questions, concerns, blog links, suggestions, and tips would be appreciated (by email -- please include "SPAY" somewhere in the title so that it will not be blocked as spam!). Ideas to help enrich the content of this comic are always appreciated. :) Criticism or suggestions are hugely appreciated as well. Links to blogs about disability, feminism, womanism, GLBTQI issues, asexuality, atheism and religious tolerance, political issues, animal rights/conditions/behavior, ferrets, art, poetry, music/noise/performance, independent publications, and anything along those lines would also make for a nice link exchange. If there is a story that seems appropriate to incorporate into SPAY, or you have an idea for how to make SPAY more user-friendly, send it this way!

If you are interested in collaborating or have questions about the use of images or text of this comic, please e-mail to the above link.

So far, there isn't any SPAY merch... any requests? ;)


The author of SPAY chooses to remain anonymous outside of her immediate friends.

(Last Update: January 17, 2012)