Sunday, October 2, 2011

#08: The Job

Alt-text: "She clocked in at 8 AM. Her job was to open as many envelopes as ferretly possible and document them. It was her highest paying job to date. She liked it OK. She got to use a computer." She is shown in a drab office with shelves of long boxes labeled "US Postal Service." The boxes are filled with envelopes. She is sitting in front of a keyboard and mouse. In the next two frames, she is wearing down and getting more squinty and tired -- even drooling from the corner of her mouth. "Uf. Only 11. This would be a long day. She needed some sustenance." She is shown holding a lollipop in front of her mouth that is wide open as she leans back in her chair to savor the blue lollipop. "A brief analysis told her she was lacking nutrients that could be found in a lollipop. The lollipop weirded her out. She needed to counteract the sugar." Her eyes bulge out and so she puts on some headphones. She scrolls to a track called "I Whip My Tail.mp3." "I whip my tail back and forth, I whip my tail back and forth..." She jumps out of her chair and begins whipping her tail so hard her ears even move from the motion. "The music caused her to whip her tail back and forth furiously! She felt great!" The frame descends into a thought cloud -- this has been a daydream all along. She is propping her head up on her hand with her elbow on a desk as though she is thinking hard. A lollipop stick is coming out of her mouth. Her ears droop. "That was when she had a job. It was hard to find a job now."

Author's Note: 
This one is for Willow Smith, US Postal Service workers, the unemployed, and the sugar-deprived. 
My ferret has had to go up on his meds for managing his hypoglycemia (insulinoma) so it's been meh over here. I am not happy with this one and will probably use the tail-whipping again. I whip my tail several times a week, or at least sing about it in the shower in my ferret's "voice," so this one is sort of close to my heart. Wish I could have captured that better.

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  1. P.S. Chipmunks can go fall on a spike for copying me. Obviously I did this before their silly commercial where they stole my lyrics, and they did it to make money -- not as a tribute to Willow Smith and my wonderful, dancing ferret.